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Product Care


Teak is a beautiful and durable hardwood.  It requires little to no care and will maintain its strength and attractiveness for decades.  Below are guidelines, which if followed properly, will allow your furniture to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


Your new teak furniture, once assembled, will appear polished.  The polished appearance comes from oil occurring naturally in the wood.  The oil on the surface will evaporate after a few days outdoors – it is the oil that remains below the surface that gives the wood its durability.


Teakwood furniture, when left outdoors, will form a handsome silver-gray patina.  This process will take approximately nine months, depending on the amount of sunlight and rain exposure.  (The weathering process will occur faster in moist climates and slower in dry climates.)  The end result is furniture with a timeless appeal.  During the weathering process you may notice “checking” or small cracks that appear in the wood. This is perfectly natural, as wood expands and contracts slightly when left outdoors.  Checking is cosmetic only and in no way affects the structural integrity of the furniture.   A lifting of the grain may occur on the top edges of the arms and legs.  The grain will return to its original smooth finish after the initial weathering process.  To aid this process, simply clean the furniture with a soft bristle brush or sponge as indicated in the cleaning instructions below.  Water spots or other discoloration may also occur during the weathering process.  These will even out with time, and the furniture will achieve a uniform silver-gray.


If you prefer to keep the teak a golden color, we recommend using Teak Protector.  This is a purely cosmetic application.  The product will maintain the golden color for a season and can be reapplied as needed.  You should wait two weeks before applying the protector to newly assembled furniture.  We suggest that you try it on a small area of your furniture first, such as the back of a leg or the underside of a chair.  We will not be responsible if you apply the product to your furniture and are not satisfied, or if instructions on the label are not properly followed.  

If the furniture has weathered and you wish to remove the silver-gray patina, we recommend using a Teak Cleaner.  The cleaner will restore the furniture to a natural golden color regardless of how long the piece has been outside.  This product requires no heavy scrubbing or polishing and takes approximately thirty minutes per piece to apply.  DO NOT USE OIL on teak furniture that is used outdoors.  Oiling outdoor teak may cause mildew or irregular coloring.


Your weathered teak factory finish will wear away after one year of use.  We strongly recommend  to cover your furniture with breathable furniture covers when not in use to prolong the finish.  After the finish wears away the natural teak will be exposed and will start natural patina process as described above.  The finish will not wear away perfectly consistently. Winter storage instructions need to be closely adhered.


Woven furniture is made with the finest quality man-made Perma Weave wicker available. Designed to be used outdoors and is weatherproofed, colorfast and tear-proof.

All our cushions are produced with the outdoors in mind.  Fade resistance and stain resistant.  Tip on drying cushions after a rain: Put them up on their side with zipper facing down.  Dry time is based on the amount of rain but normally within an hour your cushions should be dry.


All our furniture is manufactured with your busy schedule in mind. Low maintenance is what it is all about.  Water and mild laundry detergent is all that is needed to keep your outdoor furniture clean.  On more stubborn stains we recommend a mild fabric cleaner but always test in a hidden spot to make sure it will not damage your cushion.


Stand all items upright to allow proper water drainage. Storing furniture upside down may cause water to accumulate and freeze inside the frame and can cause structural damage. This applies to storing outdoor or indoors.  It is very important to protect your furniture from snow and  ice by wrapping the breathable furniture cover under the legs.  Legs exposed to ice and snow can crack and delaminate. Freeze damage is not covered under warranty. Cover your furniture with a quality outdoor protective cover during the winter months to help protect or store indoors.

We recommend to store your cushions inside in a breathable cushion box or a breathable storage bag and always clean cushions and let air dry completely prior to storing.